Technical production of events: What it is and tips you need

Technical production of events: What it is and all the tips you need

Whether you are organising an event for the first time or you already have experience in the world of events, it is essential that you know what technical event production is. However, don't worry! At VA we always try to explain things in a simple way so that they are understandable whatever your technical level.

If you are organising an event, include technical production services for events will be indispensable if you want your event to go well. But... Let's start at the beginning:

What is technical event production?

When we talk about the technical audiovisual production, it is the one that will include everything related to the technical audiovisual equipment to be used during an event. In other words, reference will be made to that equipment during all its phases: logistics,transport, planning, installation and, of course, operation during the event.

That is to say, under the umbrella of technical production, elements such as: projectors, LED screens, different lighting and rigging solutions, laptops, connection cables, technicians, etc. In short, all the elements necessary for the audiovisual production of an event.

When technical audiovisual production services are available, are going to take care of all the previous steps including preparation, travel to the location of the event etc., as well as assembly, disassembly and the correct functioning during the event.

This ensures that attendees have the best possible experience during the event, increasing the awareness of the experiences they have had during the day.

The technical production of an event helps to make it memorable.

We know, organising an event is always a challenge. However, we must not forget that this type of marketing and communication actions have an even greater challenge: capture and hold the attention of the audience.

Let's not forget that corporate events are held to achieve certain objectives that have been set in advance. So everything that happens on that day has to be focused on achieving the best possible experience for the attendees, driving the achievement of the event's objectives.

One of the best ways to get and keep the attention of our attendees is through technology. When the different audiovisual elements are used in an innovative and effective way, we manage to engage and surprise the audience.

When it comes to having different audiovisual elements during an event, it is essential to have a reliable audiovisual partner. The audiovisual part of an event is so important that it is essential to have a reliable partner, can make it a success or a total failure!

Lighting, sound and video, key aspects of an event!

Good lighting, sound and video will be basic to any event. As you may remember, it has been part of this type of initiative for many, many years.

However, the type of solutions used have been improved over the years, the quality, tones and intensity of the new products was impossible until recently. 

Virtual elements are now part of even the most conventional events.

Increasingly, virtual elements are included in face-to-face events. Artificial intelligence, augmented reality as well as cross-platform integration and streaming platforms have brought about an evolution in the world of events.

Interactive content

En la actualidad, mucha de la tecnología que se utiliza en los eventos, es enormemente compleja. A good technical production will capture the attention of your attendees, making them remember your brand for much longer.

Gone are the days when the content that was made was static. Increasingly, dynamic and interactive elements are included during events, which undoubtedly offer a great addition to the attendees.

Tips when choosing a company for your technical production of events

When choosing a partner to carry out the technical production of your event, there are a few tips that can help you. The most important ones are:

Think about your budget 

A good audiovisual technical partner will work to offer you solutions based on your budget. In this way, they will prepare a tailor-made budget, detailing each of the aspects they are proposing based on your real needs.

Set a goal for your event

You must establish the purpose for which the event is taking place. In this way, you will be able to make every task that is performed focus on achieving them., the event will be a great success and you will be able to arrange new editions of the event either in other years or in other locations.

Involve your technical producer in the development of your event.

Most often, your event will have a creative idea that you want to express during the day. It is essential that you communicate the idea you have in mind to the technical producer, so that he/she can help you to realise the creative aspect.

Choose creative and innovative solutions

The technical producer will offer you options depending on the needs you have communicated to him. If you need a boost in terms of creativity for your event, don't hesitate to get advice. This way you can choose the options that will give the best results.

At this point, we hope we have solved all your doubts regarding the technical production of an event. Likewise, if you need any kind of help, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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