AV Solutions for live events

Give us your vision and we will propose the best solutions taking into account, the space, the audience, the design and many more variables

Top brands in Audio, Lighting and Video.

Services and equipment for hybrid events

At VA 361 productions we offer comprehensive solutions for both in-person and hybrid events. This way you will always have everything your event needs.

Event content creation

Content is a key point to get and keep the audience's attention during an event. Get your message across clearly and efficiently. Our creative team will take on the responsibility of making sure the content produced conveys the message.

Multicamera systems for live events

En VA 361 contamos con todo el equipo técnico y humano que puedas necesitar durante tu evento. Nosotros nos aseguraremos de que no tengas nada de lo que preocuparte durante tu evento.

Fixed Installations and security and crowd control systems

Our fixed install specialists not only work with audiovisual and automation systems, they also deliver crowd control and security systems.

Our team will guide you thru your project offering the best equipment to fit your needs and make sure a optimized and efficient installation is delivered.

Exhibition and scenic construction

Our scenic department includes carpentry and large format digital printing facilities, these are the perfect fit to build your custom scenic.

We also have wide experience in the design and build of exhibition booths so that your brand can stand out in any exhibition.

2D / 3D Design / Augmented and Virtual Reality

Our design department can develop projects starting at any stage, from fist concept to CAD creation all the way to rendering 3D, just let us know what you want to create and they will make it reality.

Our designers can create accurate 2D or 3D representations of your event concept. These can all be taken a step further with augmented or virtual reality solutions.

Project Management

The key to a fluid and successful delivery is in effective communication with all parties during the production process.

We understand the importance of this communication process and that is why in VA361 we assign a project manager that is your only point of contact from start to finish. He or she will organize the information in a coherent manner helping to bring together all the pieces of the puzzle.

A successful production requires many hours of planning, calculations, scheduling and looking into each little detail. You can count on us to take it into our hands to make sure delivery is perfect. 

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