We want to help you take your event beyond the barriers of physical presence, we work with you to take your idea for a virtual, online or hybrid event and turn it into a reality, taking your event anywhere an internet connection can reach.

Online Events

VA361 has the best professionals and resources to make your event a 100% online success.

We can travel to your chosen location for transmission and deliver even from multiple locations, if you don't have a location we can support you with our own sets and studios.

We understand that there is much more to an online event than just streaming a presentation, that why we offer many solutions such as: polls, voting, breakout solutions and many more to make your online event much more dynamic.

Hybrid Events

We are prepared for an on set live audience, using all required health and safety protocols. Having a reduced live audience can make all the difference to your online event, taking the best from both worlds.

With this solution you can have live interactions with the audience and make them part of the full online experience.

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