Why it is important to have an audiovisual production company for your event Reasons, advantages, equipment, etc.

Why is it important to have an audiovisual production company for your event? Reasons, advantages, equipment

The truth is that having a audiovisual production company that can implement good lighting, audio and video during an event, it will be essential!

However, there are still many users who do not see the value of audiovisual services during an event, Imagine an event where there is no lighting, no sound and no content to reinforce the speaker's message. Boring, isn't it?

Surely You would lose interest very quickly and you might even leave the event when the time comes.

You should know that having professional lighting, video and sound will help you not only to increase the user experience, boosting brand recall, but also to will also allow you to make the concepts or the message you want to convey much clearer. Guiding the user through the different talks and presentations, making these new concepts and knowledge take hold.

One of the most important things during an event is to keep the attendees interested in what is happening on the day. So the more attractive we can make the event, the better!

Advantages of having an audiovisual production company for events

As we have already mentioned, when you choose to dispense with professional audiovisual services during an event, the quality of the event will decrease exponentially. Whether you are organising a workshop, a breakfast with clients, a series of conferences, etc., the quality of the event will decrease exponentially, having audiovisual elements will not only get you to transmit the message better, getting more attention from the user, but it will also boost brand recall, increasing user engagement with the brand and, as a consequence, making the user experience much better.

In short, although the advantages of having an audiovisual production company for events are many, we could summarise them as follows:

  • Audiovisual content increases attendee engagement.
  • It saves you from having to worry about the different technical aspects of the event.
  • Keeps the public's attention throughout the day.
  • Increases brand awareness.
  • Increasing participation rate of the attendees during the event.
  • It helps to better convey brand messages.
  • It makes the The speaker's speech is easier to follow and clearer.
  • It helps to highlight the key messages of the day.
  • It helps to transmit results or data graphs.
  • Minimises errors, the user experience is enhanced.
  • It allows the event's experiences to be transmitted in streaming or to remote attendees.
  • It allows content to be recorded for later use.
  • It allows attendees who cannot physically travel to the location of the event to follow the activities of the event. This increases the reach of attendees.

Things to consider when deciding what audio-visual equipment you need

As we in VA always say, no two events ever have the same audio-visual needs. This is because depending on the size of the event, the objectives of the event and the location itself, the needs will vary. But, let's look at the aspects that influence the type of audiovisual equipment you will need:

  • The size of your event: without a doubt, the number of attendees your event will have will determine the audiovisual material you will need. You will also have to take into account whether you are going to have one speaker or several speakers at the same time. This is essential if you are going to hold workshops or round tables.
  • Event activities: Another aspect you will need to consider is the activities that will take place during the event. It is possible that the event will take place in one room, or that there will be several events running in parallel.
  • The type of content: Knowing the type of content to be transmitted will also help you to define the materials to be used. In this way, depending on whether they are graphics, images, videos, etc., you will be able to choose one type of support or another. It will also help you to know whether the content should be interactive or not, as this way you will be able to decide the best way to include it so that all attendees can have the best possible visualisation.
  • Type of broadcasting of the event: Another aspect to consider is whether the event will be broadcast to attendees who will not be physically present at the event.
  • The type of wifi connection will be available: Having a good wifi connection will be essential for the event to run smoothly. Make sure you have the bandwidth you need.
  • Technical staff present at the event: Another aspect that you should take into account is to have different technical profiles during the event that will allow you to resolve any type of incident that may arise.

Basic audiovisual elements you will need during an event

As you can see, there are many factors that influence the success of an event. Whether it is a large event or a smaller corporate day, we must try to make the user experience as good as possible.

There are many tasks that need to be carried out for an event to go well, and that is why we want to provide you with the audiovisual elements that we consider basic for any self-respecting event. These are:

The Stage

One of the most common mistakes for an event is to only take into account the number of attendees. However, when analysing the stage, seeking to ensure the correct viewing from different points in the room, we will ensure that the attendees will have the best possible experience.

In addition to having a screen that fits the dimensions of the room and its characteristics, in view of the type of content to be projected, and the level of attendance at the event, a good laptop computer with a large data storage capacity will be necessary.

Another aspect that you should take care of is to check that the computer is compatible with either the screen or projectorThe system can be connected to the different elements to which you are going to connect it.

The monitor

Another thing you will have to choose properly is the monitor. To do this, make sure that it has enough batteries to last throughout the event. You should also check that you have the necessary cables to connect it to the projector, screen or computer.

The microphones

Regarding microphones, there are different things to consider:

  • You will need to ensure that have as many units as you need.
  • You will have to analyse the space to choose the type of microphone. that best suits.

In addition to the above, you must first make sure that everything is working correctly, resolving any technical problems you may have.

The loudspeakers or sound system

Don't forget to choose the speakers that best suit your needs. Otherwise, you could have attendees who are not receiving the information that the speaker wants to transmit. In addition to this, if you do not choose the right speakers, you could have a sound with interference. So pay attention and care to this issue to make the right choice.

The projector or screen to be used

Whether you are thinking of using a LED display as if you are going to use a projection screen for events you should choose the option that best suits your needs, also taking into account the characteristics of the space where the event will take place.

Make your event unforgettable

We have all attended an event where there have been technical problems, or where the room was too small/large, where the presentations were boring and did not contribute anything. As we are sure you do too, we at VA recommend you to take a leap in quality to create the best possible experience. 

We cannot fail to mention that when a user has an unsatisfactory experience during an event, he or she automatically disconnects from the event, often causing the user to leave the event venue. For this reason, every aspect of an event must be thought through in detail in order to offer the best possible overall experience.

If you are already planning your next event, don't hesitate to write to us at info@va361.com

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