VA 361 Productions expands stock of D&B's T10 and D40: Expanding our audio capabilities

VA 361 Productions expands stock of D&B's T10 and D40: Expanding our audio capabilities

Sound quality is a key factor in the success of any live event. At VA 361 Productions, we are committed to delivering exceptional audio solutions that exceed our customers' expectations. That's why we are proud to announce the expansion of stock numbers of the D&B T10 loudspeaker system and D&B D40 amplifiers, both powerful tools that allow us to expand our audio capabilities and to offer our customers the best possible audio experience. provide a unique and memorable sound experience. In this article, we present you with more details about this exciting expansion and how this will positively impact our customers.

T10 and D40 in extended stock

As we mentioned, VA 361 Productions is proud to announce that we have expanded the number of units in our stock. of the T10 loudspeaker system and D&B D40 amplifiers. This purchase reinforces our mission to provide high quality audio solutions for live events, workshops and product presentations.

How will the expansion of T10 and D40 units benefit our customers?

The acquisition of more T10 and D40 units allows us to offer an even better audio experience to all our customers. Whether for achieve unrivalled sound quality for a workshop, a conference, a new product presentation or any other type of event, have more D&B T10 and D40 units available. ensures that we can deliver exceptional sound quality and uniform coverage across all projects. In addition, the T10 and D40 are easy to transport and set up, allowing us to attend events in different locations quickly and efficiently.

VA 361 Productions commitment to sound quality

At VA 361 Productions, we are proud to offer high quality audio solutions that meet the needs of our customers. Our investment in expanding D&B's T10 stock is a sign of our ongoing commitment to excellence in sound.
This recent acquisition is in addition to the new barco equipment, the new Panasonic equipment and the Riedel Bolero Intercom. Reinforcing once again the company's commitment to the highest quality audiovisual equipment.

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