VA 361 Productions acquires Riedel's high quality wireless system BOLERO WIRELESS INTERCOM (2)

VA 361 Productions acquires the most exclusive wireless system: the BOLERO WIRELESS INTERCOM from Riedel.

We at VA 361 Productions are very excited to announce that ... we have purchased new equipment from Riedel., in particular, the Bolero Wireless Intercom. This acquisition signifies a major step forward in our commitment to using the highest quality technology in our projects and providing our customers with an unforgettable experience.

At VA 361 we are committed to quality in our audiovisual material.

As we have been reporting over the last few months, VA 361 Productions has a continuous improvement programme which allows us to update the audiovisual equipment we have in our company. In recent months we have acquired the E2 Gen 2 and Barco's 4K PSD, the Panasonic PTZ and the Blackmagic URSA Broadcast G2 camera. All this new equipment is now reinforced by the new Bolero equipment.

Having state-of-the-art technology is very important to us because it allows us to allows us to deliver the best results for each project we do. In addition to this, we also keep the technical knowledge of our employees up to date.

We purchased the bolero Wireless Intercom model from Riedel

The Bolero Wireless Intercom is a top-of-the-range and exclusive wireless communication system which offers a wide variety of functions to improve efficiency and quality in the production of live events and productions. With its high-frequency radio system, it offers a reliable and clear connection in any environment.

In addition, the Bolero Wireless Intercom is highly portable and easy to use. With a sleek, compact design, it is easy to carry and use in the field, and its wireless charging system makes it even more convenient.

More details about the Riedel Wireless Intercom

It is also important to note that Bolero Wireless Intercom is highly scalable.. With the ability to connect up to 100 devices in a single network, it is perfect for large and complex productions. It is also compatible with other Riedel intercom systems, allowing for seamless integration into any environment.

In terms of technology, the Bolero Wireless Intercom uses high frequency radio technology (2.4 GHz band) to provide a clear and reliable connection in any environment. In addition, it has a long-life rechargeable battery that allows continuous use for more than 8 hours.

In short, we are very excited to have the Bolero Wireless Intercom as part of our AV equipment. With its combination of advanced technology, portability and scalability, we are confident that it will be a valuable tool for our customers. and for ourselves in the production of live events.

VA 361 Productions adquiere el sistema inalámbrico de alta calidad BOLERO WIRELESS INTERCOM de Riedel

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