Sheila Perestrelo is Project Manager at Visionarea Marbella since 2016 with a huge experience in VA361 in her back. We sat down with her to know a bit more about her life at Visionarea and herself

What does VA361 mean to you?

Team work, creativity, professional.

What is the unique value proposition that VA361 adds to events?

Innovation and creativity.

What is your contribution to VA361 projects?

I’m Project Manager and my contribution is my own background as a technical producer since 2007.

Where are the good ideas coming from?

Good ideas come from technology management, experimental experiences and team building.

 What has been your biggest challenge bringing together an event?

My biggest challenge has been to adapt my own mind set from big events to small and very detailed events.

What’s your favourite thing about working in VA361?

Good vibes and good atmosphere.

When not active at VA361, what is your favourite thing to do?

I love outdoor activities and spending time with my little niece as much as possible.

What brought you into the Events and VA361 Industry?

That’s a long, long story, this requires a coffee and cakes afternoon…

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