Riedel Bolero training for VA 361 production employees

Our employees are trained by Riedel Bolero

En VA 361 Productions dentro de nuestro programa de mejora continua acabamos  de recibir la demo of training in the Riedel Bolero system which has served to further improve and update the technical knowledge of our employees. This demo offered by Riedel Spain, presented its functionalities toour employees José Luis Herrero, Sheila Perestelo, Iván Lancha, Álvaro Resino, Pablo Carro and Alejandro Zárraga together with our regular collaborators Jonathan Medina and Lucas Birket.

What is the Riedel Bolero system?

Riedel Bolero is a state-of-the-art wireless intercom system that enables audio and video production professionals to communicate efficiently and reliably in a constantly evolving work environment.

The Bolero system is a wireless intercommunication solution. DECT-based and scalable, which operates in the license-free frequency range of 1.9GHz. It uses a IP network based on AES67 standards, with decentralized antennas connected to the AES67 switches and Artist frames equipped with AES67 customer cards. This provides a fully integrated point-to-point intercom ecosystem with seamless roaming features.

Getting to know Riedel Bolero first hand

This session given by Riedel Bolero provides our company's employees with a in-depth knowledge of the system, allowing them to take full advantage of its functions, functionalities and features, thus enhancing their ability to handle high-pressure situations in the live event.

Esta demo no solo ha resuelto posibles dudas de nuestro equipo sino que ha ayudado a  comprender cómo el sistema Riedel Bolero se integra con otros sistemas utilizados en el set de grabación, permitiéndoles trabajar de manera más eficiente y fluida. Además, el sistema Riedel Bolero también ayuda a improve live event security, It enables clear and precise communication between team members.

Our company's continuous improvement program

At VA 261 Productions we have a program of continuous improvement not only in our equipment but also in the knowledge of our employees. That is why we attach great importance to training. In this way we give that our technical expertise remains up to date in order to offer our customers the highest level of service.

In summary, this session on the Riedel Bolero system has been a great success for VA 361 Productions. Our employees now have a much deeper understanding of the system and how to use it efficiently, allowing us to work more smoothly and safely at events. At VA 361 Productions smoothly and effectively this system will be of great benefit for the next projects we carry out.  

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