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Key equipment for your events: sound and types of microphones

The success of the event is closely linked to its organisation and the choice of audiovisual elements. In addition to the lighting and video, sound plays a very important part in the production and execution of the event; without it we would not be able to hear or feel either the speakers or the videos that are part of the event, not to mention the sensations and emotions that sound produces in our brains, by means of psychoacoustics.


To ensure that the sound is clear and at just the right volume: not too loud and not too soft, it is necessary to many factors to take into account: the quantityand the quality and setting of the PA (loudspeakers for the audience), the quality and type of microphones (wireless or not) and their placement, the mixing desk itself and of course, the sound operator who plays a very important role in the quality of the final result.

Advice on PA should always be linked to the size of the venue and the number of people attending the event.


There are a number of considerations to take into account regarding the microphones to be used at an event and to take into accountHow many microphones will be used at the same time? type of wireless microphone? is there a chairman's table and lectern?

Wired microphones are the most cost-effective option, but the wireless offer much more dynamism al evento.

With the use of wireless microphones, speakers are free to move around freely The microphone can be used on stage and usually off stage to better capture the attention of the audience. In addition, this type of microphone achieves a more contemporary, modern and professional image.

There is also talk of different types of microphones according to their polarity: there are microphones omnidirectional which are those that pick up in all directions as if they were a sphere. The microphones cardioid, hypercardioid and supercardioid that have the capacity of directing its angle of capture, This avoids picking up sound from unwanted areas.

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