In-house hotel audiovisual services: what you need to know before you hire them

In-house hotel audiovisual services: what you need to know before you hire them

Corporate events are an essential part of any company's marketing and communication strategy. That is why, quality audiovisual services are essential to deliver an effective message and leave a lasting impression on the audience. 

As we know how important this type of action is for companies, today we would like to talk to you about the audiovisual services that can be offered directly by the hotel where you are going to hold your event. Sometimes the company proposed by the hotel itself may be a good option, and sometimes it may not fit your needs. Let's talk about it!

Advantages of the hotel's in-house audiovisual services

Hiring the hotel's in-house audiovisual services for your corporate event can offer you multiple advantages. Below, we highlight some of the key benefits of choosing in-house suppliers:

  • Suppliers who work directly in the hotel, have knowledge of the facilities and logistical facilities for smoother coordination.
  • Familiarity with the venue can enable better use of available resources.
  • Communication and coordination with other hotel departments, such as catering or logistics, is easier when working with in-house services.

Disadvantages of choosing the hotel's audiovisual provider

When considering the hotel's own in-house audio-visual services, it is important to be aware of some potential disadvantages. While these services can offer convenience and familiarity with the facilities, may have limitations in terms of customisation and specialisation.

Internal suppliers often focus on meeting the general needs of hotel events, which may restrict the ability to adapt to the more specific and customised requirements of your corporate event. In addition, the availability of specialised options and state-of-the-art technology may be more limited compared to external providers that focus exclusively on audiovisual production. Carefully considering these disadvantages will help you make an informed decision and find the option that best suits your corporate needs and objectives.

Flexibility and customisation of services according to your needs

As we have already mentioned, although the hotel's audiovisual services are promoted as flexible and customisable, it is essential to carefully consider whether they will really meet all your needs and expectations. It is essential that you keep the following points in mind before making a decision:

  • Limitations in the range of options: The hotel's in-house suppliers can offer basic solutions in terms of audio, video and lighting, but may lack the full range of options. In addition, more often than not, they lack the state-of-the-art technology that an external AV company can provide. Specialised audiovisual production companies keep up to date with the latest trends and have a wider range of equipment and services to meet the most demanding requirements. If you are looking for a more creative and diverse approach, an external company is probably the best option.
  • Restrictions on advanced customisation: While the hotel's in-house services can give you a good service if you need something very basic, you may find limitations when it comes to more advanced options. An external audio-visual company, experienced in corporate events, can offer more detailed and sophisticated customisation. From more complex stage set-ups to innovative visual effects, these companies have the knowledge and technology to deliver unique and memorable experiences.
  • Limitations on availability and flexibility: The hotel's own audiovisual services are often subject to the availability and resource constraints of the hotel. Because they must cater to multiple events and needs within the establishment, their ability to adapt to last-minute changes or provide additional services may be limited. In contrast, an external AV company focuses on your specific needs and is more prepared to provide flexibility in terms of last-minute adjustments, additional demands and changes to the event programme.

When evaluating the hotel's in-house audiovisual services, it is also essential to consider the limitations in terms of choice, advanced customisation, availability and flexibility. Consider carefully whether these restrictions align with your objectives and requirements to ensure a corporate event that is delivered as you have always wanted it to be. Exploring external options will give you greater diversity, advanced customisation and flexibility to tailor audiovisual services exactly to your needs.

Considerations to make before signing up with the hotel supplier

Before signing the contract for the hotel's audiovisual services, it is important that you take into account some key aspects. We tell you about each of them in more detail:

  • Careful review of possible additional costs: Be sure to investigate and fully understand if there are additional costs associated with the use of special equipment or extra services. Some high-end audio-visual equipment or customised services may have added fees. It is important to know and be clear about these costs before engaging with the hotel's in-house supplier.
  • Cancellation and refund policies: Familiarise yourself with the cancellation and change policies set by the hotel provider. Be aware of any cancellation fees, conditions for making changes to the contract and deadlines for amendments. These policies can have financial and logistical implications, so it is vital to understand them and consider them in case unforeseen events arise that require changes to your event.
  • Liability and insurance: Carefully review the terms related to liability and insurance in the contract. Make sure you understand who assumes liability in case of damage or loss during the provision of audiovisual services. In addition, check whether the hotel provider has insurance to cover possible mishaps that may arise during the event. This will give you peace of mind and protection in case of unforeseen incidents.
  • Delivery times and availability: Evaluate the lead times of the hotel provider's services and make sure they fit the dates and times of your specific corporate event. Ensure that equipment and technical staff are available during the required period to avoid scheduling conflicts. Also, confirm the availability of in-house services on the date and time of your event to avoid last-minute surprises.

By keeping these considerations in mind before signing with the hotel supplier, you will be better equipped to make informed decisions and ensure that the terms and conditions meet your needs and expectations for a successful corporate event.

Evaluate the option of contracting an external provider.

While the hotel's audio-visual services offer significant advantages, It is important to note that you are not obliged to hire them. You can explore other external options that better suit your needs and preferences. Before making a decision, consider the advantages and disadvantages of internal and external services to find the option that best suits you. Aspects that may help you are to do the following:

  • Research on external audiovisual production companies to compare services, prices and customised options.
  • Consideration of the possibility of working with external suppliers for specific events.
  • Bear in mind that contracting an external audiovisual production company can offer more customised and specialised options.
  • Compare services, prices and options available in the market before making a decision.
  • Obtaining competitive proposals and quotations from different external suppliers will provide you with a a better overview of the services that can enhance your event on an audio-visual level.

Make an informed decision for your corporate event

While the hotel's audio-visual services offer significant advantages, It is important to note that you are not obliged to hire them. You can explore other external options that better suit your needs and preferences.

Before you consider hiring the audiovisual services of the space itself, it is essential that you make a thorough assessment and make an informed decision that fits the needs and objectives of your corporate event. Carefully consider the following aspects to ensure the success of your choice:

  • Analyse the advantages of the hotel's in-house services: Start by carefully assessing the advantages that the hotel's audiovisual services can offer you. These advantages can include the team's familiarity with the hotel's facilities and staff, which facilitates coordination and minimises potential logistical hiccups. In addition, the audiovisual equipment is usually up to date and in good condition, ensuring a quality experience for your guests.
  • Examines potential disadvantages of the hotel supplier: While the hotel supplier may offer significant advantages, it is also important to consider the potential disadvantages. These may include limitations in terms of customisation and flexibility, as in-house suppliers may be more focused on meeting the overall event needs of the hotel. Also, the scope of in-house services may not be as specialised as that of external providers who are more specialised in audio-visual production.
  • Evaluate options for external providers: Don't rule out the possibility of exploring and comparing the options of external audiovisual service providers. Research the reputation, experience and portfolio of different companies specialising in audiovisual production for corporate events. Evaluate their ability to meet your specific needs and consider their flexibility, adaptability and customisation of services. External providers can provide you with greater specialisation and a customised approach, which can be crucial to achieving the desired impact of your event.
  • Consider technical requirements and budget: Be sure to assess the technical requirements of your event and how each option, whether in-house or outsourced, can meet them. Also, consider your available budget and how the supplier you choose fits in with the costs associated with audio-visual services. Compare proposals and quotes from different suppliers to ensure you are getting the best value for money.
  • Look for references and testimonials: To get a clearer picture of the quality of audio-visual services, seek references and testimonials from previous clients of both the hotel's in-house services and the external providers you are considering. The opinions of others who have used the services can provide valuable information about the quality, reliability and professionalism of each option.

By taking these aspects into consideration and making a comprehensive assessment of the different options available, you will be able to make an informed decision that suits your needs and ensures the success of your corporate event. Remember that the choice between the hotel's own audiovisual services and external providers depends on your specific requirements, the desired personalised approach and the importance you place on specialisation and flexibility in audiovisual production.

Other factors to consider when choosing audiovisual services

Before making a decision about audiovisual services for your corporate event, it is crucial to evaluate a number of factors that will help you select the most appropriate option. Here are some key things to consider when comparing internal and external options:

  • Evaluate the experience, reputation and portfolio of external companies: It is essential to research and analyse the experience and track record of external audiovisual production companies. Check their reputation in the market, verify the quality of their previous work and look for testimonials from satisfied clients. This way, you can guarantee a quality service that meets your expectations.
  • Take into account the specific needs and requirements of the event: Each corporate event is unique and has specific requirements in terms of audio, video and lighting. When comparing internal and external options, be sure to consider how each provider can adapt to your particular needs. Evaluate their ability to meet your technical requirements, as well as their experience with events similar to yours.
  • Consider the adaptability and flexibility of external suppliers: It is important to choose a provider that is able to adapt and be flexible according to your demands and preferences. Evaluate their willingness to customise services, adjust to last-minute changes and provide creative solutions to potential challenges. An external provider that is agile and adaptable will give you greater peace of mind during the planning and execution of the event.
  • Prioritise quality, personalisation and adjustment to the needs of the event: The quality of audiovisual services is paramount to the success of your corporate event. Evaluate the quality of the equipment, the experience of the technical staff and the ability to adapt to your specific needs. Prioritise those providers who can deliver a high quality, personalised service that perfectly matches your event requirements.
  • Consider the combination of internal and external services: Don't rule out the possibility of combining in-house and external audiovisual services to get the best from both providers. If the hotel has quality equipment but does not offer the customisation you are looking for, consider hiring an external provider to cover that specific aspect. This combination will allow you to obtain a more complete solution adapted to your needs, maximising the audiovisual impact of your corporate event.

By considering these factors and taking into account the flexibility to choose, you will be in a better position to make an informed decision, ensuring that the audiovisual services selected meet your expectations and contribute to the success of your event.

One last piece of advice: Before signing the contract for the hotel's in-house audiovisual services, it is essential that you inform yourself about all relevant aspects. From the quality of the equipment and the expertise of the technical staff to the flexibility and customisation of the services, every detail must be considered to ensure the success of your corporate event. Remember that the audiovisual provider you choose should help you achieve the end result you are looking for, so make sure they can deliver the level of quality you are looking for.

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