VA 361 Productions Winter Summit: Promoting Teamwork and In-House Talent

VA 361 Productions Winter Summit: Promoting Teamwork and In-House Talent

After a year full of projects where the whole team has given its best, last December, the VA 361 Productions team had the opportunity to spend a few days together enjoying some quality time with their colleagues.At this Winter Summit, not only different team building activities were carried out, but also a lot of fun was had by all of a new culture, as during the summit a route through Morocco to the Sahara desert was made.

The Winter Summit is not only aimed at promoting the teamwork and the development of interdepartmental skills between team members, but it is also the the perfect excuse to recharge your batteries after a long period of hard work, making it possible for the whole team can spend time with the rest of the team, enjoying a few days together.  

A summit dedicated to team building

One of the most outstanding activities was a route with quads through the desert, a fun and adrenaline-filled moment. Through this activity, along with many others that were carried out, we highlight the value as teamwork and collaboration are essential for success. 

At VA 361 Productions, we are very grateful for the company's post-pandemic recovery, so this was the perfect excuse for us to thank each member of the team for their involvement in the project.

Internal talent: our greatest asset

On the other hand, the Winter Summit was also an opportunity to highlight the in-house talent. During the event, the management shared the achievements of each department, recognising the value and potential of its employees. 

To sum up, VA 361 Productions' Winter Summit was a great success. and has served to start 2023 full of energy and new ideas.

Once again, we would like to thank the whole team for trusting in our project, without all of you VA 361 Productions would not be possible! 

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