VA 361 Productions Expands their Audiovisual Equipment with the grandMA3 compact XT

VA 361 Productions Expands their Audiovisual Equipment with the grandMA3 compact XT

In the world of audiovisual production for events, innovation is essential to stay on top.  And we must say that at VA 361 Productions we are a company committed to excellence in each of the projects, events and audiovisual productions we carry out. For this very reason, we demonstrate our commitment to quality and cutting-edge technology. On this occasion, we have taken a great leap forward in quality by acquiring the grandMA3 Compact XT of the brand MA Lighting, the latest generation of lighting control equipment promises to revolutionise the way lights are managed at our events. 

Join us to discover the technical details and benefits of this exciting investment that joins our arsenal of audiovisual equipment.

The grandMA3 Compact XT: A Technical Overview:

The grandMA3 Compact XT is the latest addition to the impressive portfolio of MA Lighting, a leading brand in the world of lighting control. This advanced control system stands out for its ability to operate a wide range of luminaires and DMX fixtures, making it an essential tool for productions of any scale. Among its most outstanding technical features, we find:

  • Processing Power: Equipped with a powerful multi-core processor, the grandMA3 Compact XT is capable of handling complex lighting sequences with impressive fluidity, ensuring precise, real-time control.

  • Versatile Connectivity: It offers a variety of connectivity options, including Ethernet, DMX, Art-Net and MA-Net3, allowing seamless integration with other lighting systems and multimedia devices.

  • Intuitive User Interface: Its high-resolution touch screen and ergonomic design make it easy to program and control the lights, even in demanding environments.

  • Advanced Software: The grandMA3 Compact XT uses grandMA3 software, which offers a wide range of pre-programmed tools and effects to simplify the creation of impressive shows.

Benefits for VA 361 Productions:

The acquisition of the grandMA3 Compact XT by VA 361 Productions offers numerous benefits that will boost our ability to create exceptional audiovisual experiences:

  1. More Creativity: With this advanced lighting control tool, our company will be able to unleash its creativity, designing unique and stunning lighting effects that will captivate your audience.

  2. Production Efficiency: The grandMA3 Compact XT's powerful processing power allows for more efficient and faster programming, which translates into greater productivity in the studio or on stage.

  3. Flexibility in production: Thanks to its versatility and connectivity, this equipment is ideal for both small events and large corporate events, adapting to the changing needs of our customers and being able to respond to even the most demanding audiovisual needs.

  4. Reliability Assured: MA Lighting is known for its quality and reliability, ensuring that our customers can count on robust equipment for even their most demanding productions.

Commitment to Maximum Quality and Continuous Innovation:

At the core of the VA 361 Productions philosophy is a unwavering commitment to the highest quality, constant innovation and continuous improvement. The acquisition of the grandMA3 Compact XT is not only an example of its dedication to state-of-the-art technology, but also of its strong commitment to providing the best service to its customers. 

Daniel Pycock – International Sales & Relations of the company said: "Having the most advanced equipment on the market is essential to be able to offer the best possible service. Innovation in today's market is no longer optional, it is a necessity".

Aware that each production is unique and deserves exceptional attention, VA 361 Productions we strive to exceed expectations every step of the way. The combination of high quality equipment such as the grandMA3 Compact XT with a highly skilled team and a focus on excellence ensures that our clients experience exceptional audiovisual events that leave a lasting impression. We can assure that for our company, the constant search for perfection is the path to continuous success and the satisfaction of our customers is their greatest reward.


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