VA 361 Productions Announces Sheila Perestrelo as New Technical Director

VA 361 Productions announces Sheila Perestrelo as its New Technical Director

VA 361 Productions, a leader in audiovisual production for corporate events, has introduced Sheila Perestrelo as its new Technical Director. This internal promotion marks a significant milestone for the company and promises to further elevate quality and innovation in event production. But... Who is Sheila Perestrelo and what does this change mean for VA 361 Productions and its clients?

Sheila Perestrelo's career at VA 361 Productions

Sheila Perestrelo is no newcomer to VA 361 Productions. In fact, her promotion to the position of Technical Director is the result of an exceptional track record within the company. Starting as Project Manager, Sheila has demonstrated her commitment, technical skills and leadership, making her the perfect choice for this new role. Her deep understanding of the company's internal processes and her passion for excellence are qualities that distinguish her as an outstanding leader.

Driving Excellence in Audiovisual Production

With Sheila Perestrelo at the helm as Technical Director, VA 361 Productions is positioned to drive excellence in audiovisual production for a variety of events, from corporate conferences to product launch events and more. His previous experience as a Project Manager has given him a comprehensive understanding of client needs and expectations, enabling him to lead multidisciplinary teams to deliver exceptional results.

Technological Innovation and Creativity

One of the most exciting aspects of the announcement of Sheila Perestrelo's role is its focus on technological innovation and creativity. With an eye on the latest trends and technologies in audiovisual production, it is committed to taking client events to the next level. Whether through the incorporation of augmented reality, high quality live broadcasts or stunning visual effects, Sheila along with the entire VA 361 team are ready to make every event memorable and captivating.

Commitment to Customer Experience

At VA 361 Producciones, the customer is always at the center of everything we do. With Sheila Perestrelo leading the technical team, the commitment to customer experience is further strengthened. From initial planning to flawless execution, every step of the process is focused on exceeding customer expectations and delivering exceptional service. Clear communication, meticulous attention to detail and responsiveness are just a few of the ways VA 361 Productions ensures client satisfaction at every event.

Sheila Perestrelo's appointment as VA 361 Productions' Technical Director marks an exciting new chapter in the company's history. His promotion from within reflects VA 361 Productions' commitment to professional growth and excellence in audiovisual production. 

Fran Gomez, CEO of VA 361 Productions wanted to share his impressions on this internal promotion: "At VA we firmly believe in talent and the truth is that we continue to bet on the human team that is part of the company. The whole team has been watching Sheila's growth for years, and there is no doubt that choosing her for this position was the best decision we could have made".


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