Highlights of the 24th IFES World Summit

Highlights of the 24th IFES World Summit

El 24º IFES World Summit, organizado por IFES (International Federation of Exhibition and Event Services), brought together almost 200 professionals from the exhibition industry from all over the world. IFES is a global collaborative network that directly represents different industry stakeholders in almost every part of the world. 250 registered companies and works closely with 14 national associations to facilitate knowledge and cooperation opportunities.

Commitment to sustainability and reduction of environmental impact

IFES has a clear vision of the importance of sustainability in the exhibition industry. Under the motto "Working Local" promotes a sustainable approach by avoiding unnecessary transport and logistics. By collaborating with local partners around the world, IFES contributes to reducing the carbon footprint and environmental impact of corporate events.

Highlights of the 24th IFES World Summit

During the 24th IFES World Summit, various activities and presentations were held highlighting developments and best practices in the exhibition industry. Experts shared insights on innovative technology, experiential marketing strategies and creative ways to improve audience engagement at events.

One of the highlights was the discussion about the sustainability in the industry and the possibilities for expansion in the Asian market. Participants shared key experiences and learnings on how to adapt to change, implement innovative solutions and create experiences that offer the best experience for attendees.

Driving global collaboration and professional growth

The 24th IFES World Summit has been a unique meeting point for to establish contacts and strengthen the collaboration between professionals in the trade fair and exhibition industry from all over the world. Attendees had the opportunity to meet professionals from different countries, exchange ideas and explore possible business opportunities and joint projects.

In addition, IFES offered a series of training and professional development sessions that addressed key issues for growth, expansion and excellence in the exhibition industry. Attendees had access to interactive workshops, panel discussions and expert presentations, providing them with a valuable opportunity to broaden their knowledge and skills.

We can assure you that we were delighted to be able to attend this edition!

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