Congresses, events and conventions at the Gran Hotel Miramar in Malaga

Grand Hotel Miramar in Malaga

At VA 361 Productions we have been collaborating for years in different events and conventions with the Gran Hotel Miramar in Malaga. This venue is characterised by its rooms dedicated to corporate events with views of its unforgettable gardens or directly overlooking the sea.

The Gran Hotel Miramar in Malaga currently has more than 1,900 square metres dedicated exclusively to hosting events and conventions of all sizes.

If you are planning to hold an event at the Gran Hotel Miramar in Malaga, don't hesitate to count on us for all the audiovisual production you need. Thanks to our experience in the sector and also working in this venue, we will provide the tailor-made solutions that your event needs, taking care of even the smallest detail!


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