Congresses, events and conventions at the Royal Tapestry Factory of Madrid

Royal Tapestry Factory Madrid

For some years now, the Royal Tapestry Factory of Madrid has been has also opened its doors to corporate events.

This location is right in the centre of Madrid, has different rooms to offer you the space you need. The "Goya" room is an open-plan space of 460 square metres with a height of 12 metres. However, it also has spaces called "Teniers", "Giaquinto", "Mengs" and its unique gardens.

Whatever type of event you are thinking of holding, at VA we have experience working in this venue so we will be able to help you with all the audiovisual aspects you may need,  we will design tailor-made solutions to meet your needs and expectations. So if you want your event to go perfectly, don't hesitate to count on VA 361 Productions for your professional audio and lighting needs!


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