A commitment to premium brands in elements as essentials as projections is making sure the best quality in client’s productions. Corporate events require a professional level and very selective equipment so this is why VA361 Productionscontinues to invest in order to offer the best solutions.

Adapted for big events VA 361 Productions has acquired 2 BARCO 4K of premium last generation with a ultra high adjustable power from 12,000 lumens up to 20,000 lumens (adjustable from 2.000 to 2.000 lumen). Their high definition gets an excellent brightness and vibrant colors to ensure a cinema experience.

Thanks to the latest acquisition VA 361 Productions counts on 4 units BARCO HDX20 4K.

With the aim that our technical team could know in detail about the latest developments of BARCO 4K, a training was held last Wednesday the 4th of April in Barcelona offices where the virtues and entrails of these powerful and versatile machines were taught.

Todos estos equipos están pensados para atender el alta demanda de producciones, medianas y de gran formato ofreciendo siempre la máxima calidad, el mejor servicio y los tiempos de respuesta que nuestra industria demanda.

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